TNT Mineral Science




TNT Mineral Science is a research and development company with a focus on mineral spectroscopy. We provide services and solutions for  customers that are interested in integrating hyper-spectral analysis methods into their mining or exploration projects. 

Michelle C. Tappert

Principal Spectroscopist

B.Sc. (hons.), M.Sc., Ph.D.

Michelle is a geologist  and spectroscoper with a focus on developing spectroscopy applications for the minerals industry. She has extensive experience as a researcher working with and for the minerals industry in Canada and Australia. Her expertise includes uranium, IOCG, and diamond deposits. 

Ralf Tappert

Principal Mineralogist

Dipl. Min., Ph.D.

Ralf is a mineralogist and geologist with a background in geochemistry and spectroscopy. He has extensive experience as a researcher and university instructor working in Canada, Australia, and Europe. Although his main expertise is in diamonds, kimberlites, and other mantle-derived rocks, he has an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of other mineralogical materials and commodities.