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Diamonds in Nature: A Guide to Rough Diamonds

Ralf Tappert • Michelle C. Tappert

Diamonds in Nature: A Guide to Rough Diamonds illustrates and explains the unique properties of natural diamonds, such as their crystal shapes, colors, surface textures, and mineral inclusions. It also contains up-to-date information about the origin and scientific significance of diamonds. With more than 200 high-quality photographs and drawings, it is an invaluable reference for the professional geoscientist and anyone with an interest in diamonds.

Book Reviews Published in Academic Journals

"...An informative, interesting, and highly professional compilation, which will be a useful long-term source reference."
-John Gurney (2011) Economic Geology, v. 106, 1479-1480.
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"Exactly a century after Fersmann and Goldschmidt published their book, we now have the pleasure of a highly recommended, colourful and up-to-date successor..."
-Moreton Moore (2012) Crystallography Reviews, v. 18(4), 304-308.
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